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Hunker Down for Winter?

How to make your home a comfy retreat during Maine Winters!

It takes a special bread of people who can embrace the winters of Maine.

As an outdoor enthusiast myself I completely understand the need to get out and get fresh air in the winter. Whether it be a hike up Biglow Mountain, skiing, or some fat tire biking there are hundreds of options for enjoying Maine winters.

Afternoon walk in the woods.

But as much as I enjoy getting out in the winter, I love getting home to a warm cozy home to relax till my next adventure. That being said I have learned over the years that there are a few things that make the return home even better. So here's what I recommend from a designer's perspective.

A well-organized mudroom or as I like to refer to is a gear shed if you are into lots of sports. The essentials for a basic mudroom will vary from person to person but as a minimum, it should have a few basic items

  • Coat hooks for backpacks and coats

  • Bench to sit on and pull off your boot.

  • A place for your boots to dry. I like cubbies

  • I like the laundry room nearby so dirt from your adventure doesn't get tracked through the house.

  • And an LL Bean Water hog matt so the floor doesn't get slippery.

After you've dismantled and stored all your gear I recommend a place where you can kick back and relax.

  • This place should have cozy seating for you, your family, and any guests you may have.

  • It is nice if you have a small bar area set up with coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever drink you desire.

  • And my favorite is a fireplace to warm up in front of. I used to lean toward a wood-burning but if you like me and don't want to clean up after a wood-burning fireplace a gas is a great alternative.

After you've had a chance to warm up It's time to hit the outdoor patio.

  • This area should have a large central firepit. Great for toasting marshmallows or cooking a hotdog or two.

  • If you like to entertain an outside bar area is great!

  • If you're going to serve a dinner then an outdoor kitchen is also a great option to eat under the stars.

Designing your home to work with your lifestyle will bring you more joy and less stress. Learning to embrace four-season living is just the best quality of life! Any of these spaces and designs will enhance any season not just winter.

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