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Interior Design for Outdoor Enthusiast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hello Everyone!

This is Lori A. LaRochelle of LaRochelle Interiors, LLC. With over 30 year experence I have learned that there isn't enough time in a day to do everything, so I now specialized in living inside and outside. With a large number of my clientelle not living in Maine my firm has mastered the art of remote design! As a full service interior design firm we do everything from concept designs to placing the laste piece of furniture and art. So if you or someone you know loves theoutdoors and wants a low maintence, but beutiful home this is the place! Just because you love the outdoors doesn't mean you can't bring a little outdoors inside and have a beautiful fuctional home!

Maine Interior Designer, Renovation design
Boothbay Harbor Dining Room by LaRochelle Interiors, LLC 2022

Older Home

Some of the best locations for home have existing home that have been throught the test of time. I think of life as an evolution changing with time. Our homes are no diffierent, we believe that our homes are the same, they need to evolve with time. Old homes often have charished memories, keep the memories, but live for today!

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Maybe we can help them with there charish home to be a bit more functional

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