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LaRochelle Interiors, LLC was created in 2000. Since then, we have grown into a creative and innovative interior design firm that is committed to nature-inspired designs that promote healthy living.


The love of design began as a child for principal designer Lori A. LaRochelle. Designing small cabins out of sapling trees at the age of 10. From the beginning, Lori has had a love of nature, and custom home design. 

Believing creative designs are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between the interior designer and client. In every project, we strive to fully understand our clients’ needs and apply their feedback and ideas into our designs. Starting with our Designer Brain Dump we move through a structured design. At the beginning of each project, we gather all the required information needed so the clients can relax and enjoy their project know we know exactly what they are looking for.


We believe the most precious gift we can give our clients is time.  So we put the time in for them. Once they understand the process they are able to step away, knowing we know just what they are looking for.   We do, however, use our expertise to ensure that the end result is professional. Contact us today to see how we can get you started.

Lori A. LaRochelle, MCID

Principle Designer

how we work


 Step #1

All projects start with a free

introduction call.

Sometimes the little things make all the difference. With our Pre-Design Consultation call, we will send you a short survey to fill out so we have a basic idea of what type of design services are required before our phone consultation. This will help us direct you to the requirements for your particular project.  Whether your more a DYI'r or you want to dump the project in our trustworthy hands. We’ll be able to guide you in the direction that will work best for you. Our goal is to transform your space and set the mood. Whatever your interior design needs may be, our team and expert partners are here to make sure you feel at home in the space you live or work in.

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 Step # 2

Our Designer Brain Dump is the start of every project we do. This is the first step to learning your needs, understanding the investment required to achieve your goals. We outline your project from start to finish.  Furnishings and material selection to interior architectural planning, we instill each space with the owner’s unique style and personality. After this consultation, you will have what you need to move forward. Whether you’re a (DYI’r) or you're a busy professional who values their time. This will outline the steps and processes required for your unique project. Be forwarned homework is required. You will fill out a questionnaire so we can quickly focus in on your specific needs to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.  This consultation typically lasts 3 to 4 hours and can be done onsite or over the phone for our out of state clientele.

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 Step # 3

Custom Designed packages are priced on a per-project base. Our designed services require the designer brain dump before proceeding. This is a critical step for laying out your design services. All design services are broken down into a 5 phase process

Phase I: Review the Designer Brain Dump.

Phase II: Design Development & Concept 

Phase III: Construction Documentation

Phase IV: Materials, Finishes, & Procurement

Phase V: Construction, Installations of furnishings and Accessories.


Contact us via email or phone if you want to further customize your design services. Example: lighting design package or just finishes, or a quick facelift.

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