how we work


Step #1: The Introduction

Start your project with a free introduction call.

  1. Contact us via or email or phone so we can send you an informational survey to fill out.

  2. Once we receive your short survey, we will contact you to schedule your introduction call.  

  3. We call and schedule a phone appointment: In our introduction call we will talk to get to know what you need are and how to proceed to achieve your design project goals.

  4. You get an understanding of how we work and we get an understanding of your design needs, should you move to step 2.

Cost Free: 15-minute call!

 Completed survey required before the call is scheduled.


Contact us today so we can make sure your design needs are met and are in good hands!

 ​ Step # 2: The Designer Brainstorming Secession

  1. This is the first step is a brainstorming to learning your needs and desires.

  2. Understanding the investment required to achieve your goals.

  3. Project Schedule overview.

  4. Project organization & finding quality tradespeople.

  5. You get a true understanding of what you need to achieve your goals and a playbook to move forward with your design project.

  6. We have a playbook of your requirements so we can hit the ground running when you choose to start step 3.

Cost: $550 Flat Rate 4-6 hrs.


Contract us today for this intensive step of laying down the ground rule for your design project!

 Step #3: The Transformational Design

  1. Transform your space into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

  2. Creating healthier, supportive, pleasurable spaces that cater to your lifestyle.

  3. Enjoy our 5-phase design process that will simply organize the project.

  4. Follow your design investment online with our 24/7 access of your project.

  5. Weekly status report with photos to keep you up on the renovation.

  6. We take care of the detail so you can sit back and enjoy the transformation.

  7. You’re in good hands. Remember everything we need to start you provide during our designer intensive brainstorming secession!  


Cost $7.50 to $25 per square foot.


​Are you ready for a stress-free makeover of your spaces?


Designing for the “The Maine way of Life “

Good design will improve the quality of your life, your health, the environment



"Designing for the Maine way of life"

Functional, Supportive & Nature Inspired


In Maine, we have a more laid approach to life. It’s a lifestyle that attracts people to move here from around the world. New construction and remodeling are an undertaking many of us avoid like the plague because it is a tedious, time-consuming job with lots of moving part that just makes our head spinning. At LaRochelle Interiors, LLC we understand your pain and would like to let you know it doesn’t need to be that way. Along with our great trade partners and a systematic approach to design and construction, we are giving people back the joy of newly transformed spaces. Contact us to learn more about how you can have your dreams without losing a month or a year of your life tied to a construction project. Let us help you create your personal sanctuary today. 

Who I am

As principal designer, we have grown into a creative and innovative interior design firm that is committed to nature-inspired designs that promote healthy living.

The love of design began as a child for Lori. Designing small cabins out of sapling trees at the age of 10. From the beginning, Lori has had a love of nature, and custom home design. 

​Believing creative designs are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between the interior designer and client. In every project, we strive to fully understand our clients’ needs and apply their feedback and ideas into our designs. Starting with our Designer Brainstorming we move through a structured design. Starting each project, we gather all the required information needed so the clients can relax and enjoy their project knowing we know exactly what they are looking for.

We believe the most precious gift we can give our clients is time.  So, we put the time in for them. Once they understand the process, they are able to step away, knowing we comprehend just what they are looking for.   We do, however, use our expertise to ensure that the end result is professional. Contact Lori today to see how she can get you started.

Lori A. LaRochelle, MCID

Principle Designer










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