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What's new for 2020!

Updated: Jan 31

For 2020 LaRochelle Interiors has redesigned how we provide our services. Out with the old in with the new. Our new process is a more systematic approach to our design services.

We’ve broken things down to a three-step process. We go through the process step by step. You have the option of moving forward or sifting to a DYI project. Call us set up an appointment by phone or schedule your free call online at

· Step 1_The Intro Phone Call 15-20 Minutes (Free)

· Step 2_The Designer Brain Dump 3-4 hours ($550)

· Step 3_The Design (Time: TBD) Cost: (TBD)

Additional info on the processes:

Step 1_The Intro Phone Call

· Schedule a call

· Intro Questionnaire (homework before the call) Will be emailed as soon as the call is scheduled.

· Call

o Review Questionnaire

o Refine and review project scope

o Question & Answer

Step 2_The Designer Brain Dump (Guided Brain Storming Consultation)

· Questionnaire (homework before we meeting for the consultation)

· Project Scope.

· Design Investment Review (Based on Project Scope and info from the questionnaire)

· Preliminary Renovation Investment (Get's finalized in step 3 once the project designs)

· Proposed design timeline

· Proposed renovation timeline

· Project fit-up Investment

· Project fit-up timeline

· Procurement Options

· Installation Review of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

· Review where to go from here?

Step 3_The Design Transformation (Proposal will be based on the Designer Brain Dump)

This is a customized design, it could be one room, a whole house or a new custom design home. The design transformation is a 5 Phase process no matter how big or small the project is. Step 2 gets is the bases for the customized design process.

Phase I: The Designer Brain Dump (This is our step 2 but is now required before moving to step 3. Basically it is the road map for all of our design projects. It's a lot to process but we have broken it all down in checklist and worksheet so nothing gets missed.)

Phase II:_ Design Development & Concept: Preliminary designs, concepts, and approvals. Space planning designs will be communicated with floor plans and renderings. Up to 3 revisions are included as part of your package. Please note this phase is all about space planning, not colors and textures that will happen in Phase IV.

Phase III:_ Construction Drawings & Specifications: Now we finalize the design for contractor review, and start getting a bit more specific.

Phase IV:_ Furniture, Fixtures & Finishes to Procurement: Let the fun begin! We will begin to focus on materials and finishes that may affect space planning so if needed we can make modifications to the space planning design. Once a decision is made on a product, we will place the order upon receipt of your deposit.

Phase V:_Construction Oversite and Installation: We make sure materials are in the hands of the contractor when they need them, such as plumbing fixtures, lighting, and electronics. Let the transformation begin, now furnishings, window treatments, art and all the items that will give your space personality are installed. Once complete we will schedule your Reveal. Sit Back, Relax and Dream and enjoy your completed project.

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